Written by: Sabrina Cabrera Rivera

As the economy is beginning to open up again, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone that there is a certain privilege in being able to stay home. We all would love to go back to our daily lives but we first have to lower the curve since Covid-19 has created a pretty large impact in our lives. The only way we are able to lower the curve is by staying at home. So until we are able to overcome this obstacle YAS MIJA is here to help you cope. Here are five ways to keep your sanity during the pandemic!

1. New Skin Care Routine

Okay Mija! Time to make that skin glow! What better time than to experiment with different types of skin care products than in the middle of this pandemic? If we have to stay at home, might as well make sure that we come back glowing.

If you are looking into Spanish cosmetic brands, you should really check out Lola Barcelona. It is environmentally friendly and has vegan ingredients. No animal products! This cosmetic brand focuses mostly on lips, face and nails. They also have a few special lines for people with sensitive skin. 



2. Netflix & Books 


Now we don't lie. We all have that list of shows in our ‘Watch Later’ list on Netflix. What a better time to have a movie marathon! Google has made an expansion called Netflix Party. It is where you are able to sync up with friends, so you can all watch together, #socialdistancing. We totally recommend Gentefied which is completely and unapologetically Spanish. Other shows you should totally binge are On My Block, One Day at a Time, and Brooklyn 99 because of their diverse casting and wonderfully delivered cultural diversity. A bit of feel-good shows to ease your mind. 
If you aren't into watching TV  then we dust off a couple of those books that you left on our shelves too. It is as good a time as any to catch up on all the things we pushed on the back burner with our busy lives.


3.Let’s get creative! 

Time to get those creative juices flowing! Practice makes perfect mija. There are plenty of ways to wake up your artistic side such as painting or photography. We are all learning new things about ourselves turning this trying time. Maybe you can find this new side of yourself while watching those ‘Paint with Me’ videos. 

You don’t need to go outside or need a fancy camera to practice your photography either. Just use any props you have at home like flowers or blankets to create a cool backdrop. There are so many things to keep one productive throughout the day. Remember that your first try at this skill doesn’t need to be perfect. 

4. Jumpstart your career. Plan the grind!

We know that life can get a little hectic and sometimes we put our dreams on hold because we just don’t have the time to even think about doing anything else outside of school and work. 

While Covid-19 has kept us from going back to our everyday lives, it did put a small pause on our busy schedules. Those dreams we put on the backburner? It is time to pull them out and start working on them, No excuses! We have to start the grind. We make our dreams into reality bella. 

5 - Getting Back to Your Roots!

It is always good to learn more about where you come from and you should take advantage if you are able to stay with your family during this time. Finally learn those family recipes that your mama cooked for you as a kid. Mira mija try to perfect your abuelitas tres leche recipe never know when you have a sudden craving.

Maybe start practicing some Spanish so you can listen to all the chisme your mom and tias have been talking about over the phone. There are plenty of language learning apps out there to teach you such as Duolingo and Memrise. Put your favorite movie and change the audio to the language you are trying to learn. No subtitles! It helps you learn quicker if you picked a movie you already know so that way you aren’t confused. 


We hope that you enjoyed these tips and that they help you cope with everything going on. As the economy opens up, it is very important that we remember to take care of ourselves by trying to lower the curve. As well as taking care of our mental health by trying to remember the positives of staying home. Until then YAS MIJA will be here for you. #stayhome

So mija, take this time to relax and enjoy yourself!


June 18, 2020 — Sabrina Cabrera Rivera

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