Written by: Sabrina Cabrera
In celebration of our new released Yas Mija caps, we are here to share some ways you could style this accessory for the best type of lewks. 

1. Curly Hair

Para los pelo lacio y for our curly haired reinas!

2. Play it down

Want to keep it casual Mija? Slip the cap on and add on some sneakers to your favorite dress.  

3. Lounging around!

Not for getting too dressed up? Add a pair of earrings with this lewk. 


4.Jean Jacket, Hello!

No one ever said no to a nice old jean jacket. 

5. The New Accessory!

Since we are currently dealing with a pandemic, mija, don't forget to throw on  your mask.

Share with us the type of fun styles you created with our new cap! Just tag us on your Insta stories @yas_mija or in a post #yasmija
July 28, 2020 — Sabrina Cabrera Rivera
Tags: style tips


Maritza rivera

Maritza rivera said:

Love it!!! Love you!

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