Written By: Sabrina Cabrera Rivera

If you are unaware of Hispanic Heritage month, It is a month long celebration to recognize the contributions made within the Hispanic community. We are here to celebrate our culture and honor those who paved the way before us. 


We want to celebrate with our community with style! And since this is back to go school season, we would like to introduce our new line of stationery items.

  • Journals
    • Am I taking notes or starting chisme? The world will never know but everyone is gonna be jealous about these gold accents.


  • Pens
    • These are eco-friendly and were created out of recycled material! Doing our best to help la Teirra! 

And of course our fan favorites!


  • Yas Mija Necklace
    • If you gotta go out then might as well be dripped in bling bella. We want to make sure that you walk the streets with style.


  • Yas Mija Caps
    • How have you not gotten our caps yet? Start your collection now~ We also will be showing off our new hats soon!


  • Yas Mija T-Shirts
    • Can’t mess with perfection now. We are here to represent! What can be better than our Yas Mija classic tees.

We are here to create iconic looks and fashions!! So share with us your version of Latin pride!

September 21, 2020 — Sabrina Cabrera Rivera

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