Written by: Sabrina Cabrera Rivera

Perdona! We are a little late greeting you for this year but we have so many exciting things coming out soon! We ended up losing track of time! So please keep a watch out for any new interviews and merch will be coming out soon.

Consider this your New Year check-in. What are you going to accomplish this year? This is a fresh new start to the year. While we are still living with the with Covid-19, we can still make ourselves productive. 

Remember that vision board we made? Well it is time to put it to use. We are here to help you accomplish your goals, big or small, long-term or short-term, we are here to help make your dreams a reality.

Now dust it off a bit. Don’t pretend like you didn’t just toss it in a drawer once you made it. We know you because honestly we are you. We totally get it. It was the holiday season, we all had a little coquito in our systems and ate a little too much of our favorite foods. We obviously can’t forget the presents. Life gets the best of all of us.

Especially when we are experiencing the high points of the holidays then trying to adjust to our regularly scheduled life’s. We all are finally readjusting. Sometimes we forget the goals we set out for ourselves. It ends up getting lost between the Christmas lights and the ornaments. 

So take a good look at YOUR vision board!

Place it somewhere that will see it cada dia! It is easy to forget things while they’re just collecting dust in some drawer. We don’t want to put los suenos back to sleep, we need them front and center.  Mi amor! Nosotros estamos aquí para ti. Para tu futuro. 

Now we don’t want you to overwhelm yourself. Focus on the closest goal that you think is within your reach in this moment in time. Focusing on the most difficult ones could lead you to losing motivation. We need you hyped for your dreams! You don’t need to start small but be cautious of your limits until you think you can take on those bigger goals.

We look forward to hearing about your future goals! If you think you need a little more help planning or keeping track of what you should or shouldn’t do for your vision board. We have Printables down below!


Just print out a template then jot down what you would like to accomplish. That way a small piece of us is rooting for you as you go down the list!

Vamos Mija! Para vivir la vida!

Now go on and get started with your dreams. Remember to practice Self-Love and check on your health. Keep practicing social distancing, keep your masks over your nose, and Dream big MIJA!

Can't see what you do this year. Enjoy your 2021!

January 21, 2021 — Sabrina Cabrera Rivera


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