Written by: Sabrina Cabrera Rivera


Alright lindos y lindas! We just finished June!  

School is officially out and the sun is here to play. (Remember to put on sunscreen, kids!)  

We know that you bellas didn't really get to enjoy summer last year due to our friend Miss Rona. So we thought that we would share our personal summer bucket list! Here are all the things we want to do this year! If you have any ideas then share them down in the comments so we can add it on!




1) Road Trip!

Pick a spot. Any spot! Get a couple of your friends and your favorite playlist. Make a list of all the things you would like to do along the way and let the other chips fall where they may. I just went to Kentucky a few weeks ago and truly one of the most relaxing moments I had in months.


2) Go to an amusement park

3) Go to a museum

4) Eat in at least three new restaurants!

No repeats! We want to add some variety to our meals guys! I know for a fact that I have gotten so sick of eating at the same places all the time and sometimes you don’t feel like cooking. So go explore, you never know if a restaurant is good until you go.

5) Read one of the hottest books of summer.

6) Stargaze

7) Be A Hometown Tourist!

Be a tourist in your own city, go someplace new and you may be surprised by just how wonderful that old town can be. Most cities have free tours too. You could discover streets, shops, and landmarks that you never knew existed.

8) Meet up with a group of old friends

We all have some catching up to do.

9) Nature Picnic

Pack your favorite foods, then go to a beach, lake, or park

10) Go Thrifting

11) Take a trip!

Fly or drive to a new destination Please still continue to practice social distancing but the world is slowly starting to go back to normal. As the world opens up, the flight prices will rise, so choose your destination carefully and plan accordingly.


12) Make a photo album or collage of your best memories

13) Drive in Movie!

We love a good ole classic drive in movie theatre.

14) Self Care Day!

Whatever that may be for you. Reading at home. Talking a way around the neighborhood. Shopping. Literally sleeping all day. Anything that leaves you and your mind at rest.  We are with our thoughts a hundred percent of the time. This is your friendly reminder to take a moment and simply unwind!
 Your mental health matters!


15) Do something out of your comfort zone

perform music at a coffee shop, submit a story to a fiction publication, sing in front of people at karaoke, go zip-lining


No Matter what you decide to do, don't forget to take pictures and videos as it goes! We are trying to romanticize our lives bella!

July 08, 2021 — Sabrina Cabrera Rivera

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