Written by: Sabrina Cabrera Rivera

According to an updated result of the Diversity Baseline Survey that reveals 76% of writers identify as white or caucasian in 2016. In that same survey it showed that only 6% of all writers were Latinx. As the publishing industry is trying to get more diverse, we at Yas Mija thought we can show you all some amazing must-read books by Latinx writers.



Mexican Gothic 

    By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

        What is it about:  Mexican Gothic is a historical Gothic fantasy story that is set in 1950s Mexico. We are introduced to Noemi, a young Mexican Socialite, who receives a rather concerning letter from her cousin. While Noemi is rather used to a more cocktail party setting, this doesn’t stop her from traveling to a haunting remote mansion, High Place, in the Mexican countryside to discover what is wrong with her cousin. 

        Author: Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a female Mexican best-selling author of  Gods of Jade and Shadow. She has an MA in Science and Technology studies from the University of British Columbia. Her most recent novel, Mexican Gothic, came out June of 2020 and has been rising in popularity. 


Sabrina & Corina: Stories

    By Kali Fajaro-Anstine

        What is it about: Collections of short stories that focus on Latina characters with indigenous ancestry that live in the American west. We are delivered to Denver, Colorado as we follow the stories of Latinx women and their lives. We are presented with the power of femininity and shared universal experience of heritage and belonging. 

        Author: Kali Fajaro-Anstine is from Denver, Colorado and is the 2019 recipient of the Denver Mayor’s Award for Global impact in the Arts. She has an MFA from the University of Wyoming. Her collection, Sabrina & Corina: Stories, is a National Book Award Finalist.


Dreaming in Cuban

    By Cristina Garcia 

        What is it about: Here we are experiencing three generations worth of Cuba’s beautiful landscape, it’s poverty, and idealism and corruptions through the eyes of Celina del Pino. Through this woman, we are able to go through a haunting yet heart-rending experience of a country’s revolution and the effects that unfold after it. 

        Author: Cristina Garcia is a Cuban-born American Journalist and novelist. Dreaming in Cuban was actually her first novel and it ended up as a finalist for the National Book Award. 

agosto 14, 2020 — Sabrina Cabrera Rivera


Germarie D.

Germarie D. said:

Great recommendations! Currently reading Mexican Gothic because of a previous post of yours and I love it !! Thank you, stay awesome!!!

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