Written By: Sabrina Cabrera Rivera


Hola Mijas! It's time to go back to school! It has been an eventful summer, and after two years, it seems like a lot of us are finally going back to the classroom.

Why not go back in style?

We are bringing back your favorite Yas Mija wears and even provided a few styles for you bellas.



Our Signature T-shirt, your favorite jewelry, and black shorts.
Easy & Simple. You can’t go wrong with our casual styles. On brand and looking bella.


Red dress with Yas Mija hat and a jacket.
Red is always your best color. Why not be bold for this new school year? And keep it a little casual with our Mija caps and a jacket, and throw some sneakers with it to dress it down.



Pink bucket hat & Pink Tie Dye shirt.

We all have that one monochromatic look that we are dying to try. Why not with our favorite tie dye combo???



Rainbow Yas Mija t-shirt, Colored jacket, Houndstooth skirt, and black boots.
It is a look. Nice mix of patterns and colors while still keeping with that school style.


Las Chingonas Club and a pair of white shorts.
If you are ever worried about the potential dress code? Then you can’t go wrong with using one of our Chingona tees.

Don’t forget to comment and share which looks you tried! If you created your own, feel free to share so we can admire bella! Tell us how your first day of school or work was! We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you.

septiembre 01, 2021 — Sabrina Cabrera Rivera
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Nicole said:

I really want to order 2 or 3 Rainbow Yas Mija t-shirts but I need XL and there is only SM available. When will XL be available? Can you let me know – I’d really like to buy one as soon as they come out again. It’s a great T-shirt and I want to buy for all my sisters and close friends. THANK YOU – Email: chrisandnic@gmail.com / 612.501.4891

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