Poem Written by: Sabrina Cabrera Rivera
I look young in my years
    As I wave my identity
Para presentar mi vida
        Yet it goes triple checked
With a seven second stare
    No tengo la gana
They tell me, “Que soy tan linda.”
    Con mi ojos brown
And mi cachetóna face
          Pretty gets thrown to the dogs
Bonito es un abrazo tan rico
    No me digas sexy
To  the tall and desperate ‘gentlemen’
            Oh yes sir, I am speaking to you
    You, who decides to grace me
Give me your synthetic words
            All painted nice and fancy
    Habla mucho mierda
“You’re intimidating,” ellos dicen.
                A mi five foot four stature.
Act dumb
    Hacer un show
No one will notice the degree
        As long as you are pretty.
mayo 05, 2021 — Sabrina Cabrera Rivera

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