Growing up I didn’t see many women that looked like me in the media which made it hard to relate to the brands that were out there saying they were supporting women. Although the media didn’t show women like me I was grateful to grow up around the strongest woman I know, my mother! She has taught me how to be passionate, to fight for what I want in life and to keep going no matter what!

I created MIJA because I wanted to inspire women the way that my mother inspires me everyday. I wanted to support women like me feel confident in who they are and help support them in every way possible. MIJA isn’t just about women though, it’s also about girls, our future leaders of tomorrow. No matter how old or young you are MIJA is here to give you words of encouragement and help guide you in your journey.

MIJA is here because of mujeres like you and me! We are here for the women who don’t take no for an answer; for the women who stand up after being knocked down several times; for the women who fight for change and for the women who are working at making their dreams a reality every single day, ¡Estamos aquí para ti!


 - Kyra Rosa 
   Ceo & Founder


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